Garmin Forerunner 410 Multi-Sport GPS Watch


Garmin 410 – An Evaluation

As a club level runner and having used the Forerunner 405 for over three years, I was very excited about the release of a potentially updated and improved version of the worlds most advanced GPS running watch.

Touch Sensitive Watch Bezel
The touch control bezel bought over from the 405 is an element that you either adore or you hate. The younger generation in many cases are able to quickly grasp how to control the watch successfully by applying the proper motions and pressure’s to the bezel, but many other wearers sometimes found that the 405 bezel just generated immense stress rather then making the watch a pleasure to use. With the new 410, Garmin doesn’t seem to have made the bezel any more user friendly and strangely have even removed the ability for the wearer to change the level of responsiveness of the watch’s bezel – the one feature of the Garmin 405 bezel that meant that the wearer had some flexibility. From running with the Forerunner 410 for a few weeks now, I have found that the Bezel hasn’t generated me any trouble and commonly I find that I only use it to set the unit up before a run. In most cases when I am out training with the watch in running or cycling mode I mainly use the two main buttons to control the watch..

High Sensitive GPS Receiver
There are a number of enhancements made to the 410 that I really appreciate nevertheless. The new high sensitive GPS is so powerful that my own Forerunner 410 occasionally even picks up a signal within my house before I have even began a training session and is very speedy to pick up a signal again after I lose reception from running though tunnels or by hi-rise flats and offices.

Heart Rate Based Calorie Tracker
I also really like the new calorie computer. I am training for an IronMan and knowing the precise amount of calories that I am burning has meant that I know just how much food I need to eat throughout the race.

Heart Rate Monitor
The new style Garmin Heart Rate monitor that the Garmin 410 is supplied with is also a great improvement as it is far more comfortable than the traditional style HR strap as it isn’t as restrictive.

Feature List of the Garmin 410

High sensitive hotfix GPS Receiver means you can track and record up to 40 essential training statistics whilst out running

Evaluate your run’s using Garmin’s feature rich Online Connect Portal

Garmin’s Virtual Training Partner allows you to race against a virtual runner – very useful for race practice.

Easily switch between cycling and running modes.

Compatible with many wireless ANT+ Heart Rate Straps and Cycling Sensors